The MovieByte Podcast

The MovieByte Podcast

The MovieByte Podcast is a show to discuss, praise, lament, or sometimes even lampoon movies, TV shows, culture and more. Sometimes we talk about specific movies, or sometimes we talk about a movie series, or even TV shows. And sometimes we talk much more broadly about movie themes or topics.

The MovieByte Podcast #110: Lenox Square

Lenox Square

Find out all you need to know about ‘Kill The Messenger’! Joe was able to see the film even though it was in limited release, and so he breaks it down for us. TJ was not able to see the film because it was not showing anywhere in Nashville. But Joe fills him and you in. Also don’t miss a lot of discussion about the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ teaser trailer, TJ’s decision to buy an Amazon Fire Stick, and ‘The Hunger Games; Catching Fire’ on Netflix in time for you to get caught up before the next installment hits theaters.

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The MovieByte Podcast #109: Denzel Fu

Denzel Fu

TJ is back from the dead! Well, it seemed like he was dead anyway. Really he was just very, very sick. But he’s back and together with Joe sets for the review two film to try to catch up for lost time. ‘The Equalizer’ is R rated for a reason — it’s bloody and violent, but it’s not a bad story and probably worthy of your investigation. ‘The Judge’ on the other hand was pretty fantastic. Overall Joe’s not as happy with it as TJ, but they both feel it’s probably worth your time. And there’s lots of messages in the film to tease out, so TJ and Joe do so.

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The MovieByte Podcast #108: Balanced On The Back of a Turtle

Balanced On The Back of a Turtle

TJ wanted to discuss the new ‘Left Behind’ (starring Nicolas Cage), but since he was out sick, Joe Darnell and Michael Minkoff talk about the film and critique Christian arts at large. As the ‘Left Behind’ film’s description put it, “In a moment, the entire planet is plunged into darkness.” This says a lot about how lame the film is. We believe that true Christianity is largely not practiced by artists, and the Church doesn’t appreciate Christains that produce great art.

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The MovieByte Podcast #107: The Story of Batman

The Story of Batman

Liam Neeson is back, and he’s got a gun. And he’s taking ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’. Apparently some filmmakers feel like that’s enough for a good film. Joe tends to agree but TJ feels a little differently. Together, they explore why. Also in discussion, Marvel has released plot details for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, CGI animated footage of Popeye, a ‘Supergirl’ TV series coming soon, and the latest upcoming films and trailers.

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The MovieByte Podcast #106: A Little Taste of Home

A Little Taste of Home

TJ and Joe talk about food! No, really! That’s because this week, they had the great delight of reviewing the latest offering from Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, and Charlotte Le Bon: ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’. It really is a pretty fantastic film with only a few flaws and well worth seeing — certainly over much of the cruft at theaters the last few weeks. It has a wonderful story, but you might not want to see it while hungry! Also don’t miss discussion about Andrew Garfield and the blame game for Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failures, Tommy Lee Jones starring in a western (and it actually looks pretty good!), ‘Star Wars Rumors’, the first full trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’, and heavy rumors about Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass returning to do more Bourne films — which sounds exciting to Joe and TJ!

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The MovieByte Podcast #105: You a Bad Man, Sir

You a Bad Man, Sir

Hang out with TJ and Joe for a discussion of ‘The November Man’ — which both TJ and Joe found to be a pretty poor excuse for a film all things considered. If you like to tune in for the occasional good film bashing session, this may be the podcast for you. But there are also other things that are worth talking about too which they cover at the beginning of the show, such as how ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is raking in the dough, plus how ‘Guardians’ cassette player which Star Lord used isn’t very real to life. And then there’s Robert Downey Jr. talking about how there will be no more ‘Iron Man’ films. And the ‘Honest Trailers’ series really influenced ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and made it the great film that it is today!

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The MovieByte Podcast #104: Hannah Montana Kids

Hannah Montana Kids

Critics don’t like it, it didn’t get good marketing, and it hasn’t made a boatload of money. So now despite all that the question before us, is ‘The Giver’ a good film? Is it worth your time and consideration? Joe and TJ say yes. The film is worth seeing and makes for great discussion. Frankly, Joe and TJ can’t understand why the critics are rating it so poorly. The film is not without its flaws, but what film doesn’t have a few flaws? Also up for discussion, ‘Machete Kills’ Writer will pen the upcoming Michael Bay produced film ‘Cosmic Motors’ — that sounds like a whole lot of stupid, an ‘Underworld’ reboot is on the way to us, ‘Steve Carell’ will headline an ACME focused live action ‘Looney Tunes’ film, TJ has friends who have not seen ‘Star Wars’, Chloe Moretz blames her film failures on piracy (because: SCAPEGOAT!), and ‘Full House’ is returning to TV.

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The MovieByte Podcast #103: Water Park Ride

Water Park Ride

Cowabunga, dude! The heroes in a half shell are brining you some turtle power this week! Listen in to find out the good and the bad of the Jonathan Liebesman directed ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. TJ was astounded that it wasn’t half bad. Joe was slightly harsher on it but he too liked it better than he thought. Also up for discussion: Marvel vs. DC movie release schedule infographic, a trailer demonstrating the monster that would have been created had Michael Bay directed ‘Up’, the despecializing of ‘Star Wars’, and rumors of ‘Star Wars VII’ rumors.

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The MovieByte Podcast #102: And it Exploded

And it Exploded

TJ, Chad, and Joe hop in the time machine and go back to 1999 to review the wonderful and zany ‘Galaxy Quest’. It may be a parody, but it’s one with heart and story, and one which all three enjoyed immensely. Highly recommended. Also up for discussion: the time has come for Chad to leave his full time co-host spot on the podcast due to other responsibilities. But don’t be sad, he’ll still be around. And in film news, Warer Bros. casts Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan the tiger, Robin Williams learns about hand drawn animation, we’ll get more President Coin in the films than the ‘Hunger Games’ book series, the original theatrical cuts of the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy are not likely to be released any time soon, and Robin Williams Daughter Zelda has left social media after being harassed in the wake of her father’s death.

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The MovieByte Podcast #101: Intellectual: The Thing That I am Not

Intellectual: The Thing That I am Not

Lucy over-promised with it’s trailers, and under-delivered in the theater. That’s the sad truth of it if you want Joe and TJ’s opinion. The ideas were good, but they were only half fleshed out and the film was a bit of a mess, really and that’s really a bummer. Also this week, TJ and Joe spend some time reflecting on the sad news of Robin Williams tragic death. He made many great films over the years that are worth remembering. And then a bit of other film news: everyone involved with ‘Galaxy Quest’ wants there to be a sequel, ‘Turtles’ beats ‘Guardians’ at the box office, and the ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ extended directors cut will come to Blu-ray in 2015 sometime.

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